VENGEANCE IS VINE: Aussie Man Jailed For Killing Muslim OAP With Wine Bottle

A man who killed a 73-year-old man when he threw a wine bottle at a group of Muslims from a seventh-floor apartment has been jailed in Singapore.

Australian national Andrew Hosling, 49, had hurled the bottle at a barbecue party in what prosecutors called a “racially aggravated” attack.

Victim – delivery driver Nasiari Sunee, 73 – later died of a fractured skull in hospital.

The victim Nasiari Sunee, pictured with a unidentified woman, a delivery man, 73, was killed in August, 2019. (Newsflash)

Prosecutors said Gosling – who was jailed for five years and six months – had thrown the bottle as revenge for Islamic terrorist attacks on Australian nationals.

They said he wanted to get back at “Islamic fundamentalist groups in Bali and Melbourne that had killed Australian citizens”.

The bottle had also ricocheted off the victim’s head and hit his 69-year-old wife, Manisah Sitri, on the shoulder, injuring her arm.

The victim Nasiari Sunee, a delivery man, 73, was killed in August, 2019. (Newsflash)

In February this year, Gosling pleaded guilty to causing Sunee’s death and causing grievous hurt to his wife at the condominium on Spottiswoode Park Road, in the island city-state of Singapore, on 18th August 2019.

While sentencing the Australian defendant on 8th April, Judge Victor Yeo agreed with prosecutors that Gosling’s actions were religiously aggravated, adding: “Such offences could seriously undermine Singapore’s racial and religious harmony, and must not be tolerated and must be firmly dealt with.”

During the trial, prosecutors said Gosling admitting to considering using “a weapon such as a gun” to shoot at the group, but decided against it because it would have been “heinous”.