Venezuela President Claims He Has Natural COVID Elixir

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Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro claims that Twitter deleted one of his posts in which he recommended a “natural elixir” to the Coronavirus.

Speaking on television, Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro said that the social media platform had deleted his post with a recipe from a scientist which contained lemongrass, ginger, elderberry, black pepper, yellow lemons and honey.

The recipe reportedly comes from Sirio Quintero, who Maduro described as a “doctor”, and the politician said: “I trust the doctor, whoever wants to make it, make it, those who do not, respect me. I have already made nine bottles of elixir and as the doctor said, I take it from time to time.”


Local newspaper Tal Cual report that scientist Quintero has not completed any medical studies.

Maduro also shared documents on his social media profiles which claim that COVID-19 is an “intracellular parasite coming from a larvae strain of HIV, crossed with the larvae of Fasciola Hepatica helminth. Adding segments to human DNA of embryonary growing and carried out in a laboratory in the amniotic liquid of pregnant women”.

Twitter reportedly deleted the post as the information shared was false.

The president said he would invite Quintero to the Miraflores Palace to contribute to the country’s fight against coronavirus.

Quintero is known in Venezuela as he once said former president Hugo Chavez had been inoculated against cancer, but Chavez later died of cancer in 2013.

The Association of Researchers of the Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Investigations published a press statement rejecting all the information provided by Quintero that was shared later by Maduro.

The opposition leader Juan Guaido accused the government of not telling the truth about the number of people infected with coronavirus in the country.

Maduro said on Sunday that 77 confirmed cases have been reported in Venezuela, but Guaido estimated the true figure was around 200.

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