Veg Fetish Man Kills Lover When Carrot Punctures Colon

Story ByMadalina SpulberSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCEN

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This 55-year-old man with a vegetable fetish is facing life in prison for killing his lover by sexually assaulting her with a carrot and perforating her colon.

Local media report the shocking incident occurred in the couple’s home near a village in Dambovita County in southern Romania and the suspect has now confessed to the shocking killing to reporters.

Reports state the suspect, named in reports as Calin Laurentiu, has a vegetable fetish and proposed using carrots grown in their back garden in their sex life to his 59-year-old lover.

She is said to have agreed to use the carrot but after a short while of using the carrot in sexual acts, the victim is said to have asked Laurentiu to stop.

Local media report the suspect has confessed to having refused to stop, blaming being drunk for his refusal, but he soon realised she was not conscious.

The man then called for an ambulance but quickly realised his lover was dead, according to reports.

He reportedly said: “After it occurred to me that she had died, I dressed her nicely in pyjamas. I called for an ambulance initially, but then I realised it was no longer worth it. I hurt her, but I didn’t torture her with carrots. She told me to leave her alone at some point, but I went on. I’m sorry about her, I didn’t mean to kill her. I loved her and she loved me. I’ll confess everything to the police and to the lawyer.”

Reports state the woman’s death was caused by a colon perforation which lead to sepsis after the perforation became infected. Sepsis is a potentially life-threatening condition caused by the body’s response to an infection.

Camelia Matei, a spokeswoman for the local Prosecutor’s Office, told reporters: “A criminal case was filed for rape and murder. According to our preliminary investigation, it seems that the woman’s death was due to sexual assault.”

Laurentiu reportedly faces spending the rest of his life in prison if he is found guilty and the investigation is ongoing.

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