US Teacher Busted For Setting Up Cameras In Toilet To Watch Students Urinate

A teacher has been arrested for setting up a hidden camera in a school toilet to watch three young students urinate.

The incident took place at Blackwell Elementary School in Cobb County in the US state of Georgia.

According to the Cobb County Magistrate Court, the suspect, named as Justin Craig Julian, 37, is accused of setting up cameras in at least one school bathroom to spy on young students.

Justin Craig Julian, 37, was arrested for three counts of felony eavesdropping surveillance and one count of first-degree child cruelty in Marietta, Georgia on 26th January 2022. (Cobb County Jail/Newsflash)

He allegedly placed a camera in one toilet to watch an eight-year-old student and two 10-year-old pupils urinate.

One student was left “distraught” by the incident and informed another teacher.

A spokesperson for Cobb County School District said: “As soon as the administration discovered the issue, they immediately reported it to police and are fully cooperating with the investigation.

“The allegations against a school employee are abhorrent, totally unacceptable, and violate our employee code of conduct.

“The employee has been arrested, and all applicable laws and district policies will be strongly enforced in every possible way.

The Blackwell Elementary School where Justin Craig Julian, 37, Installed a camera in the bathroom to snoop on students using the urinal in Marietta, Georgia on 26th January 2022. (Google Maps/Newsflash)

“We ask the community to continue to join us to make sure our schools are safe by reporting any safety concerns to the District’s Tipline via call, text, or email.”

Julian is accused of one count of first-degree child cruelty and three counts of felony eavesdropping-surveillance, according to the police warrant.

The suspect is reportedly being held at a detention centre on a bond of USD 15,000 (GBP 11,200) as the investigation continues.