Uniformed Top Cop Has Lap Dance During Work Hours

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Video Credit: CEN

This is the moment a police chief, apparently in uniform, enjoys a lap dance from a ‘sex worker’ during work hours sparking a misconduct probe.

The officer, who is reportedly a boss at a police department in the central Mexican state of Mexico, was filmed with a woman, who appears to be a sex worker, at the station during work hours, according to local media.

The cop, surnamed Callejas, is reportedly facing an internal misconduct investigation after the footage was widely circulated on social media.

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Pictures Credit: CEN

In the clip, at least one other officer appears to be filming as the suspect receives a lap dance from a young woman.

Callejas is seen grinning while the ‘sex worker’ twerks in his face and bops on his lap.

The police chief also suggestively grabs the woman’s waist several times as she carries out the controversial lap dance.

At the end of the clip, his firearm is seen in its holster.

According to local media, an investigation is now underway although Callejas has not been suspended from duty yet.

Netizen ‘Flora Serrano’ commented: “Why is this so outrageous? They both look happy, entertaining themselves.”

‘Luna Gonzales’ said: “For loose women like this, they usually get treated how they deserve to be treated.”

‘Clara Archundia’ simply wrote: “Insulting.”

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