UFO Seen Crossing Sky Behind Erupting Volcano

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Video Credit: CEN/CENAPRED

This is the moment the Popocatepetl volcano erupts with a fireball spewing from the crater while a “UFO” appears to fly by in the background.

The Popocatepetl volcano, located in central Mexico, registered two eruptions which saw the expulsion of incandescent material on Monday but eagle-eyed netizens were quick to point out the presence of a possible UFO in footage of the eruptions.

In the video, the volcano can be seen erupting in a fireball with incandescent material begin expelled from the crater.

Video Credit: CEN/CENAPRED

As smoke begins billowing from the crater a light can be seen streaking across the screen from left to right behind the volcano.

Many netizens thought the light was a UFO, such as ‘omarhary87’ who said: “Before the explosion everything was normal, but I did see a UFO after that.”

‘metalsfero’ added: “The media and idiot scientists will say that it is a meteorite, idiots”.

‘audikon’ commented: “We all know that it (the volcano) is an alien headquarters, they only “close” the door to scare us so that nobody goes there”.

Picture Credit: CEN/CENAPRED

Other netizens commented that the light seen in the volcano could be a shooting star or even a meteorite, such as ‘carlosestradaz’ who said: “It is a star, not a UFO.”

Webcams Mexico, an organisation which shares live camera feeds from the country, reportedly said that the light seen in the video was a plane.

The authorities have asked citizens not to approach the volcano as it remains in the alert in yellow phase two.

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