Two Grubby Naked Kids Dubbed The Mowgli Children Rescued From Filthy Apartment Full Of Rubbish Bags

Story By: Feza Uzay, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency:  Newsflash

The Russian authorities have rescued two young siblings found in a filthy, cluttered apartment with bags of rubbish lying around.

The police rescued the apparently neglected children, a five-year-old boy and his two-year-old sister, from a flat in the city of Ulyanovsk in the Russian region of Ulyanovsk Oblast after neighbours sounded the alarm.

Russian news behemoth Life described the pair as the ‘Two Mowgli Children’.

Two Mowgli children were found in a cluttered apartment in Ulyanovsk, Russia. (@now_in_ulyanovsk/Newsflash)

The police found the youngsters naked and home alone in the filthy apartment, littered with rubbish and discarded belongings.

Social services said the children were being raised by a single mother, name not disclosed, who was not home at the time the authorities arrived at the flat.

A spokesperson for the regional public prosecutor’s office said: “The prosecutor’s office of Zasviyazhsky District in the city of Ulyanovsk organised an inspection upon the discovery of two neglected children in an apartment in one of the multi-storey buildings on 31st July.”

Two Mowgli children were found in a cluttered apartment in Ulyanovsk, Russia. (@now_in_ulyanovsk/Newsflash)

The news site Lenta said the young boy was sent to a social rehabilitation centre while his two-year-old sister was taken to hospital for a medical examination.

The local authorities are reportedly asking the courts to deprive the mother of her parental rights.

It is unclear if the mother has been found or placed under arrest as the investigation continues.