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Two Brave OAP Sisters Lost In Jungle Record Help Video

Story By: Jonathan Macias, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN

This is the moment two brave elderly Argentinian women produce an extremely calm and composed video pleading for help after getting lost in the jungle while hiking.

Monica, 62, and Claudia Lopez, 67, recorded a video asking for help from the Tucuman jungle, in the northern Argentinian province Tucuman.

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Pictures Credit: CEN/@paginaoficialbomberosyb

In a video that spread on social media, the two sisters can be seen calm and collected while politely asking for help.

One of the sisters starts by telling the story about how they must have taken a wrong turn and now they are lost a beautiful forest.

Video Credit: CEN

They mention that they are there since 2 pm a day earlier and that they were lost after “visiting a waterfall”.

According to local media, the two sisters travelled from the Argentinian capital of Buenos Aires to the northern province of Tucuman on an excursion.

They had also rented a car to visit Mount San Javier in the same province. 

Local media report that it took more than 48 hours before the pair were rescued.

Despite not having a signal on their cell phones, the two sisters decided to record themselves in a video asking for help. 

Media reports say that the women got lost on Sunday at 2 pm and were rescued on Tuesday at 8 pm.

They were found thanks to Damian, the son of one of the women, who, after not hearing from them for more than six hours, reported his mother and aunt missing to the authorities.

Damian also travelled to Tucuman to find them and spoke to the company which they rented the car from. 

The local police then launched an operation which involved the Yerba Buena Volunteer Firefighters and Ranger Service of the National University of Tucuman (UNT) staff.

By tracking the sisters’ phone signals, the rescue services managed to locate the car but not the women. 

Finally, one of the employees at the car rental company found them in the Noque River Waterfall area, five kilometres from the trail entrance.

The sisters only suffered mild dehydration in the incident, according to reports.

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