Turkish Musicians Glass-Shattering Singing Breaks Table

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This is the moment a Turkish musician sits on a table with a stringed instrument and starts singing just as the glass under his backside breaks amid hilarious laughter from his pals.

The incident took place at the man’s home in the southern Turkish state of Adana when he got out his baglama, a traditional guitar, to impress his friends during a get-together.

The video was shared on Instagram by baglama player Mustafa Kokel where it has been viewed over 240,000 times.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

In the footage, Kokel is seen playing the stringed instrument as he sits on a coffee table with a glass surface.

After an impressively fingered intro, the baglama player passionately croons and at the exact same moment the glass surface smashes underneath him.

After checking he is okay, some pals are heard laughing behind the camera.

Kokel told Asia Wire (AWR): “I am the owner of Sezende music centre in Adana where I give classes and small concerts. I don’t know why I sat on the coffee table and not on the sofa. The table was not previously broken, it just cracked when I started singing the opening ‘ahhh’ in the song.

“My friends insisted that I share the video on social media, I did not expect that it would become so popular.”

Netizens had a lot to say about the clip, with many blaming his vocal abilities for the mishap.

Social media user ‘Mesut Turkan’ commented: “He did not break the glass with his backside, but with the high frequency of his voice! I hope he did not break anything else in the room!”

‘Gizem’ said: “This really made me laugh, he literally broke the glass with his bum!”

‘Imstilcabullcu’ wrote: “A glass-shattering performance!”

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