Turkish Cops Find Man Hiding In Hole Under Sofa After Shooting Pregnant Woman

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Story By: Feza Uzay, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency:  Newsflash

This is the moment Turkish cops find a man wanted for shooting a pregnant woman hiding in a secret hideaway he dug in the concrete floor and hidden under a sofa.

The suspect, named as 40-year-old Gokhan K. from the district of Dilek in the western Turkish province of Manisa, went to the house of the victim, identified as Meltem Artin, 31, while wearing a disguise and allegedly shot her from the street while she was on her balcony on 27th July.

The badly injured woman was rushed to the Akhisar Mustafa Kirazoglu State Hospital, where doctors said her situation was critical. They added it was made worse by the fact that they were unable to remove the bullet because to do so would have put the baby at risk. It was not revealed where she was shot or how many bullets were fired.

Police meanwhile set out to find the shooter and identified Gokhan K. as the prime suspect, however, despite searching all known locations where he might have been found, they came up empty-handed.

They said he had tried to disguise himself when he turned up outside her property and shot her on the balcony from the street, and they did not reveal how they had identified him or the motive for the attempted murder.

The police did confirm that they had made a few attempts at finding him before receiving a tip-off that he had a secret hiding place, which they later found out was hidden underneath his sofa.

A video shows police officers going into what appears to be a living room and quickly realising that all is not as it seems, discovering almost straightaway the man hidden in the concrete hole underneath the sofa.

He was caught with an unlicensed gun that the police believe was the weapon used in the attack. Cops said he had been using the hole to hide in for around a month before finally being caught

The suspect is currently being held in custody on multiple charges that include intentional injury with a firearm and property damage relating to the hole made in the rented property.

The police probe continues.