Mount Trumpmore: Rock Becomes Hotspot For POTUS Likeness

Story ByLee Bullen,Sub EditorJoseph Golder,AgencyCentral European News


This is the jutting ‘Donald Trump’ cliff-face – complete with pout and bouffant hair – that has caused tourists to flock to a sleepy Turkish region normally only famous for its yoghurt.

The mountain with the US president’s likeness, the result of weathering over the millennia compared to the sculpted POTUS images on Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, is located near the village of Bukdegirmeni in the district of Silifke in the southern Turkish province of Mersin.

According to local media, the Trump cliff face has sparked interest among tourists flocking to the area, famous for its yoghurt, since Trump was elected in late 2016.


Mustafa Kaya, head of Bukdegirmeni Village close to where the barren rock is situated, told local media: “It became famous after more and more people started recognising it as Trump.”

Local resident Mustafa Yasin Bulut said the rock ‘s fame had spread naturally after hikers and selfie-takers posted pics on social media after Trump’s election.

In the photos, the cliff face appears to resemble Trump’s profile, complete with bouffant hairdo, pouting bottom lip and flabby beltline.

It is unclear whether the rock resembles the 74-year-old president from other angles.