Tubby TV Star Chased By Toy Dogs In Live Broadcast

Story ByAna LacasaSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCEN

Video Credit: CEN/@chilevision

This is the hilarious moment set to comic music that a heavyset TV presenter is chased up and down the road by two cute fluffy dogs during a live broadcast.

Guillermo Andres Gonzalez Bravo, better known as Willy Sabor, 51, was participating in the first ever episode of the Chilevision daytime show ‘Viva la Pipol’ (‘Long Live People’)

The comedian and his colleague Nicolas Guitierrez were carrying out a broadcast on the streets of San Eugenio in the central capital Santiago when two cute dogs decided to join in the program.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@chilevision & CEN/@willysaboroficial

As seen in the footage, one of the fluffy dogs is seen nipping at the heavyset presenter, forcing him to flee in apparent fear.

Another white dog appears and the two cute canines chase Willy along the road in front of smirking onlookers. 

The presenter makes several attempts to avoid the dogs that continue chasing him before their owners pick them up and take them indoors.

At the end of the clip, an upset Sabor is seen checking his leg for bite marks and finding a small laceration just above his calf.

Netizens had a lot to say about the ‘animal attack’. ‘Ronald Alan Pizarro Ascona’ commented: “So over the top. Obviously the dogs were only playing around!”

‘Damuca77’ said: “Did this really happen? Dogs left alone on the street to bite anyone they want. It is not enough to chip animals, you have to be responsible for them too.”

‘Fabita86’ wrote: “It was so funny seeing Willy desperately running around so that the dogs would not bite him!”