Troll Films 31-st Pianist Struggling To Get Off Toilet

Story ByAnastasia Smirnova, Sub EditorJoseph Golder,AgencyCentral European News 

Video Credit: CEN/@Nebozhena_bot

This is the moment a busybody passenger films a 31-stone pianist struggling to get up from an aeroplane toilet as the flight comes in to land and he has to be pulled to his feet by a fellow passenger.

Russian pianist Luka Safronov-Zatravkin, 29, son of famous artist and painter Nikas Safronov, 63, was recorded in a struggle in an aeroplane bathroom on a flight from the city of Kazan to the capital Moscow.

Picture Credit: CEN/@lukasafronovofficial

Towards the end of the flight, the pianist, who weighs 200 kilogrammes (31 stone), had to use the lavatory on the Boeing 737-800 and he became stuck on the toilet seat.

He reportedly struggled to get up because of the vacuum pressure and his hand became stuck in a groove in the wall.

He called out for help and explained: “I started rushing, the lavatory is very narrow. I pushed the flush, and that is when I got stuck.

“I started knocking on the door, this is when people came to help me.”

In the video, the pianist can be seen grimacing as a fellow passenger tries to pull him from the seat.

A member of the cabin crew then joins and helps lift the 31-stone Safronov-Zatravkin to his feet as he grunts with the effort.

Towards the end of the video, Luka can be heard screaming: “I will not die on a lavatory.”

The situation happened at the same time the cabin crew informed passengers the flight was about to land.

The pianist had reportedly purchased two tickets in order to feel comfortable in two seats.

He is still reportedly in a state of shock after this incident, and notes that a person, who filmed the video is a ‘real b*stard’.

“I was helpless, and he did this to me. He has offended me, in a way he has violated my rights.”

Netizen ‘Pelageya’ said: “OMG, I think he should eat less.”

Another one ‘Irina’ added: “This person who did that to him is disgraceful.”

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