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Trial Of Stalker Ex-Boyfriend Who Stabbed Romanian Surgeon To Death Begins

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A Romanian woman who worked as a surgeon in Germany has been stabbed to death allegedly by her ex-boyfriend outside her door after he called her 117 times and his trial has now begun.

Elena Silvia Konnerth, 35, who moved to Germany from the Romanian city of Ploesti, was found dead in the courtyard of her house in the German city of Fulda in the state of Hessen on 7th December 2020.

The woman’s lifeless body was found at 8am after the suspect attacked the woman when she was returning from her night shift.


According to investigation details, the main suspect is the woman’s 31-year-old ex-boyfriend Florian who called Elena Silvia 117 times on the night of the murder.

The prosecutors suspected the reason behind the young mother’s death was heavy bleeding or suffocation due to the heavy stab injuries the perpetrator inflicted on her.

He was detained a couple of hours after the murder after police officers found traces of blood on his shoes, clothes, and in his car.


According to the newspaper Fuldaer Zeitung, a knife was also found in the garden where the incident happened, however no traces of blood or DNA were found on it.

Elena Silvia was a full time surgeon at the Herz-Jesu Hospital in the city of Fulda for 11 years and a young mother of a toddler son named Damian, aged two.

Her colleagues said that Elena Silvia was an extremely appreciated and dedicated professional who maintained friendly relationships her patients.


The head of the hospital in Fulda where Elena Silvia worked said: “I lost an extremely caring and appreciated colleague. Her early death leaves us speechless.”

In addition, Fulda Feminist Initiative spokesperson Aileen Huck claimed in the courtroom: “The murder of Elena Silvia Konnerth was a femicide.”

According to her, the victim had filed a complaint against her ex in advance for bodily harm, insults and stalking.


Huck said the police’s reaction was late “especially regarding the Istanbul Conventions (the Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence).”

According to the German Press Agency, a verdict in this trial could be expected in mid-July.

Michael Leidig

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