Tree Falls Onto Passing Pedestrians In Istanbul Wind

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment a tree on a pavement is blown over by a gust of wind and lands on a pair of passing pedestrians in Istanbul.

The incident happened in the Bahcelievler suburb located on the European side of Istanbul, Turkey during a period of strong winds.

In the video, pedestrians can be seen walking down a bust street when a gust of wind suddenly blows over a tree on the pavement.

The falls to the ground, landing on two passing women whilst two other pedestrians manage to escape at the last second.

Local media report one of the women was injured under the tree while the other had a lucky escape as only the leaves landed on her.

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Picture Credit: AsiaWire

She managed to get up from under the leaves and worked with a passerby to try to free her friend.

They then called an ambulance and the fire service after failing to free her from under the tree.

An ambulance and firefighters went to the scene along with the police and the woman was freed and given first aid before being taken to a nearby hospital.

One of the locals, Huseyin Dogan, who helped the injured woman said that luckily there had been very few people on the road due to it being a holiday.

He added: “I work here. This is a very busy street, a lot of people pass through here. I heard a sound, when I got out I saw the tree falling on the woman. I came immediately to help.

“No matter how strong the tree looks from the outside, it was rotten from the inside. The municipal workers should have checked this earlier. If it wasn’t a holiday today, I am sure there would have been more injuries.” 

Nermin Mert, a passerby who saw the incident added: “I heard a scream. I turned and saw the tree on the woman. She had an injury on her head. The wound was big.” 

There are no updates on the victim’s condition.

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