Transgender Actress Regrets Engine Oil Bum Boost

Story By: Ana Lacasa, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

A transgender actress who had plane engine oil injected into her buttocks causing health problems has admitted that she went ahead with the procedure despite having a friend hospitalised following complications with a similar procedure.

Picture Credits: CEN/@endrystar1

Colombian actress Endry Cardeno, 42, said in an interview that she decided to undergo a bum boosting op despite accompanying one of her friends, who has not been named, to hospital with a problem related to a similar cosmetic procedure.

The trans woman, who stars in the soap opera ‘Los Reyes’ (’The Kings’), admitted that she knew that her friend’s health issues were related to the cosmetic surgery on her bum, but said despite that she still never expected the same thing would ever happen to her.

Cardeno said: “I do not pretend to be like other celebrities who cry and make a big drama. I am totally aware of what I have done, possibly out of ignorance.”

After having plane engine oil injected into her bum, the actress said that her genitals became affected and strange lumps appeared in her groin area.

She also claims to suffer from other issues, such as increased infections and aches and pains.

Cardeno admitted: “I have damaged my body with all those injections of liquid and industrial silicone.”

The transgender actress has appeared in several Colombian soap operas and South American films, but is currently focusing on theatre work, according to local media.

The exact condition her friend suffered from is currently unclear.