Tough Girl Stops Fight by Putting Man in Headlock

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This is the moment a brawl taking place at the taxi stand ends when a woman in a small black dress gets involved and puts one of the men in a headlock.

The fight took place at the taxi stand outside the casino at the famous Marina Bay Sands Casino in Singapore which was billed as the world’s most expensive stand-alone casino property after it cost 5.8 billion USD to build.

It is famous for the huge sky Park on top of three giant towers that includes a 150-metre infinity swimming pool, but it was far from classy back down at ground level when the fight occurred at the taxi rank.


The footage was posted online which shows two men throwing punches at each other and grappling with one man thrown over the back of the other and then a man in a red shirt who is trying to restrain a woman in a black dress wading in.

But as he loses his hold on her, and is flawed by a man in a white T-shirt, the woman puts a stop to the fighting by grabbing a man in the striped T-shirt and dragging him in a headlock to the floor.

That allows the argument and then when a taxi stand security attended in a yellow shirt turns up and separates the arguing group.

The angry row started when one person accused another of trying to jump the queue for a taxi.

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