Touching Moment Dog Refuses To Leave Dead Pals Side

Story ByBartosz StaszewskiSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCEN

Video Credit: CEN/Julian Werner

This is the heartbreaking footage of a dog licking its dead canine companion as the devoted pooch refuses to leave their best friend’s side.

The two female dogs reportedly walked the streets of the village of Sierakow Slaski, in the Silesian Voivodeship in southern Poland together. 

One of the dogs named Aza reportedly belongs to an old lady but often runs away to walk the streets and had taken on the other unnamed pooch as its companion.

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Pictures Credit: CEN/Julian Werner & CEN/@julian.werner.549

Local resident Kamila Poloczek found the other female dog dead in a field and called the Mayor of the village Julian Werner to tell him Aza was looking over its dead companion.

In the video, Aza can be seen licking the dead dog’s body and moves to affectionately lick the dead pooch’s face.

Mayor Werner said: “It was as if she wanted to say: ‘Get up, I think we have help, someone came for us.”

Werner says he tried to take the dead dog away but Aza would not let him so he brought some food and fed the mourning pooch.

He wrote on the video: “They also have feelings. Love, respect, don’t abandon them.”

Werner spent about an hour and a half with the dogs. In the afternoon, the dead dog’s body was taken away by the commune’s employees. 

When the dog’s body was taken away Aza is said to have walked back to the village where she was put in a shelter before inspectors from OTOZ Animals were told by an elderly lady that she owned the dog.

Aza has now been safely returned home. It is currently unclear how the other dog died and whether it had an owner.

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