Tot Stolen From Unconscious Mum Returned By Kid Snatcher

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This four-month-old infant who was kidnapped from his pushchair after his mum fainted from low blood pressure has been returned by his abductor.

The boy’s disappearance from Zhoukou in Central China’s Henan Province led to a city-wide search by police and volunteers starting 16th May.

The infant was finally handed over to police in provincial capital Zhengzhou three days later on 18th May after the suspect, who has not been named, called authorities to turn themselves in.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The boy was last seen in CCTV footage in Zhoukou’s Chuanhui District as his mum, surnamed Liu, pushed his pram alone Wenchang Avenue near Zhoukou Park.

Moments later, Liu lost consciousness due to her chronic hypotension and woke up to find her son’s pushchair empty.

“Something got stuck under the wheel and I squatted down to remove it,” Liu said.

She added: “I must’ve crouched down for too long because I passed out as soon as I stood up.”

Liu revealed the boy was her and her husband’s second child.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

Authorities had offered a reward of 50,000 RMB (5,680 GBP) for information regarding the boy’s whereabouts.

In an online statement, they also sent a stern warning to the suspected kidnapper, promising leniency if they turn themselves in.

According to Zhengzhou police, the suspect was arrested in the city and later taken back to Zhoukou by their colleagues.

The boy sustained no injuries and was returned to his parents.

The suspect remains in custody and is being questioned.

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