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Fireball Shines Like Moon As It Shoots Across Tokyo Sky

Story ByLee Bullen, Sub EditorMichael Leidig, AgencyNewsflash

This is the incredible moment a bright fireball illuminates the night sky over Tokyo like a “full moon” and was reportedly followed by a shockwave that residents thought was an explosion.

The phenomenon took place over the Japanese capital Tokyo and the footage was shared on YouTube by ‘Kagaya Studio’ where it has gone viral with over one million views.

Kagaya told Newsflash: “A bright fireball was seen over Tokyo. I was able to capture it with a camera set up on my balcony.

“The fireball shone brighter than the full moon and a halo appeared!”

“It was before dawn and there were only a few witnesses. Several minutes later, the sound of a shockwave was heard. Many people were awakened by the sound.”

According to The Japan Times, social media burst into life in the early hours of the morning with residents saying they heard an explosion.

One Japanese netizen said: “I thought a person living in the flat above knocked down a shelf!”

Daichi Fujii, a curator at Hiratsuka City Museum in the prefecture of Kanagawa, said that several meteors are spotted most months, but it is rare for people to hear a sound.

In Kagaya’s viral video, the meteor is seen entering the screen on the right-hand side before illuminating and appearing as large as a full moon.

The bright light dies away as it shoots across to the left of the screen.