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TILL DEATH MOO US PART: South African Beauty Auctions Her Virginity For 25 Cows

A gorgeous South African virgin is offering her purity to interested bachelors in exchange for a traditional bride price of 25 cows.

Electrical engineering student Eunice Ntuli, aged 25, from the town of Kwaggafontein, in Nkangala Province, South Africa wants the traditional payment known as a lobola before getting married as reported by media on Monday, 5th September.

The 25-year-old woman – who has allegedly been saving herself for the right partner – claimed she has been avoiding men and has never even kissed anyone her entire life.

Electrical engineering student, Eunice Ntuli, 25, poses in undated photo. She is a virgin and is auctioning herself for a 25 cows, to her future husband in Kwaggafontein, South Africa. (Newsflash)

Ntuli – who loves walking around town topless – said: “I am proud of myself and when men see me walk in the streets or malls with my breasts in plain view, they look at me in disbelief.”

The virgin says she wants to find true love, and someone respectful to be her first lover, as well as the lobola that can be paid in cows or an equivalent value in cash, which in this case would be ZAR 260,000 (GBP 13,099).

She added: “Some men, even Ndebele princes, have proposed to marry me, but one must pay lobola first in order to allow them to break my virginity.

“I am ready to get married, but I’m waiting for Mr. Right. I need that number of cows for lobola as I am pure.”

Lobola – according to various sources – is an African custom according to a bridegroom’s family makes a payment in cattle or cash to the bride’s family shortly before the wedding ceremony.

Ntuli has reportedly made the decision to keep her virginity to save herself from STDs and teenage pregnancy.

She explained that her future husband must be respectful towards her culture and said: “What I need is true love. I don’t need gadgets, expensive cars and mansions.

My message to young women is they must know their value and not allow themselves to be used by men. Young women must afford themselves first.”

A cultural expert named Thathukile Kabini, aged 59, who reportedly checked and confirmed Ntuli’s virginity this July said: “She is respectful and she respects her culture. I am proud of Eunice.”

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