Thug With Knife Attacks Cop Who Fined Him

Story By: Jonathan Macias, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

Video Credit:CEN

This is the moment a thug with a knife attacks a traffic cop who does his best to defend himself – all because the suspect was unhappy about a fine.

The startling incident took place in the town of San Rafael in the Antioquia Department in northern Colombia and was recorded by onlookers.

Traffic policeman Jhon Edwin Ciro, 24, told reporters he had previously fined the biker, identified as Dario Angel Garcia Martinez, for driving with a passenger who was not wearing a helmet.

Picture Credit:CEN

He said the biker then later attacked him whilst he was working in a different area, cutting his neck.

In the video, the cop can be seen using a wooden stick to protect himself from the knifeman who can be seen carrying a blade.

The cop dodges the blade and then appears to throw the stick at the aggressor and the knifeman then runs into the garage after the cop before the footage ends.

Officer Ciro told reporters: “The man arrived from behind with a knife […] When I felt his fist, I turned to look and my reaction was to take a stick next to me, but when I took the stick I already felt a cut.”

According to the colonel from the Antioquia Police Giovanny Buitrago the biker was arrested and later released while the local authorities are investigating the case to determine if they will press charges against him for aggression to an officer of the law.

According to the Major from the Marinilla district, also in the Antioquia department, Pedro Isaza, the traffic cop will also be investigated and a disciplinary report might be filed for the officer’s reaction.

The traffic officer was transferred to a hospital where he reportedly received stitches to his neck and was given seven days leave.

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