Thug Shoots GF In Face Then Forces Her To Marry Him

Story By: Sibel AbdiuSub-EditorJoseph Golder,Agency: Asia Wire Report

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Picture Credit: AsiaWire

This beautiful woman has filed a complaint against her allegedly abusive husband claiming he shot her in the face causing her to lose her right eye and sense of smell before forcing her to marry him.

Twenty-two-year-old Tugce A. claims her husband, identified in reports by the initials A.A., 45, shot her in the face with a hunting rifle before forcing her to marry him in the Izmir province of Turkey.

The pair reportedly first met three years ago and nine months later they were on a camping trip when Tugce says she asked to break up with the businessman, citing constant physical and psychological abuse from him.

She says A.A. flew into a rage and grabbed his hunting gun before shooting her in the face. He then took her to the Urla State Hospital, telling doctors an accident had occurred before leaving the hospital.

Tugce received urgent treatment at several hospitals and has undergone 15 operations as a result of the gunshot wound. She lost her right eye, which has been replaced with a prosthetic, and her sense of smell from the gunshot.

Skin from her leg was grafted from her legs onto her face around her eye.

A.A. was initially detained but he was released pending trial after he made an objection to his detention. Tugce says she was then threatened by A.A. and forced to marry him in August 2017, with the physical and psychological abuse continuing in their relationship.

She eventually filed for divorce and has recently filed a criminal complaint against A.A. for the shooting. 

Her lawyer, Sibel Onder, is asking prosecutors to charge A.A. with “deliberate injury”, which could see him jailed for up to six years if found guilty.

Tugce told local media: “I want people to take a lesson from what I have gone through. I will not be silent and scared of the person who did this to me. I will fight the court case until the end.” 

Her lawyer Onder said: “A young girl’s life was turned into a nightmare. The person who did this had a criminal complaint brought against them only 2 years later. Tugce’s face shows all the torture she has gone through.” 

A.A. is yet to be charged and the case is currently under investigation.

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Sibel Abdiu

I have worked as a correspondent covering news from Turkey and Albania for several years now.