Thug Kills GF And Cooks Chopped Up Body In Oven

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This man has been charged with brutally killing his girlfriend and cutting her body into 25 pieces with an angle grinder before cooking parts of her corpse in an oven.

The crime has been described as Argentina’s “most traumatic femicide of the last 40 years”.

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Waldo Servian Riquelme, 33, has been charged with killing 37-year-old girlfriend Liliana in the neighbourhood of Retiro, in the city of Buenos Aires, the Argentine capital on 16th March. Both the suspect and the victim are of Paraguayan nationality.

Investigators found the woman’s body cut into 25 pieces in the house, with some of the parts being boiled in a pot, others being cooked in an oven and others found in the bath.

She had reportedly been stabbed to death. It is currently unclear if the suspect planned to eat the cooked body parts.

Picture Credit: CEN

An angle grinder allegedly used to cut the victim’s body into chunks was also found and body parts were found all over the house, including under flooring and in a bucket.

The suspect fled on the day of the murder and travelled to Paraguay where he was a fugitive for 50 days before handing himself into a police station on 6th May.

He was sent back to Argentina on 31st October after the extradition process was complete and can be seen in pictures landing with Interpol agents.

Picture Credit: CEN

Judge Hugo Decaria has charged him with homicide with gender violence.

Forensics and prosecution believe the suspect showed “particular hate” against his victim and investigators claim they were going through a relationship crisis.

The suspect allegedly planned the murder in advance, taking their children to his sister’s house so they would not witness the scene.

According to reports when he handed himself into the police he refused to give a statement and simply said: “I did not kill her, I only delivered myself for my children and my parents.”

One of the conditions of his extradition from Paraguay was that he could not be handed a life sentence and he instead faces 25 years behind bars if he is found guilty.

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