Three Different Coloured Lion Cubs Born To Same Mum

Story By:  Gheorghi CaraseniSub Editor:  Joseph GolderAgency: Central European News

CEN/Park Taigan

These are the cute lion clubs of different colours which have been born in a safari park.

The lion cubs were born at the ‘Taigan’ safari park in the disputed Crimean peninsula to the same lioness named Leyla one month ago and have now been presented to the public.

The head of the park, Oleg Zubkov, 51, shared images posing with the cute cubs, two of whom are white and one is that standard golden hue of a lion.

CEN/Park Taigan

Zubkov said: “These three cubs were born from a white male and a normal coloured female, Leyla. It is for the first time that these two animals give such a breed: two cubs are white and one of them is: the standard lion colour”.

He said that one of the cubs had fur which longer than normal, adding: “If this lion grows with such long fur he’ll look like an Angora cat. I don’t remember us having such animals in our park”.

The park was closed for a month from mid-December and has only recently reopened.

The initial reason for closing the park in December was that authorities found out the animals were being fed with old fishery products and could be in danger.

Zubkov then claimed that it was a result of miscommunication and divergence of interests between him and the local authorities and promised that no animals would get hurt. The case is now closed and the park is open again.

The peninsula is controlled and governed by the Russian Federation (except Ukrainian-controlled part of Arabat Spit), but is recognised internationally as part of Ukraine.

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