Thieves Stripped And Forced To Walk Naked In Street

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This is the moment a pair of alleged thieves are forced to walk the streets of a Mexican town naked after being caught by an angry mob who stripped them and tied their hands behind their backs.

The startling scenes were recorded by onlookers in the surroundings of the Ahuate Market in the municipality of Apatzingan, in the west central Mexican state of Michoacan.

According to local media, the men were accused of committing robberies in the area by an angry mob who then beat them up.

The pair were then stripped naked and hand their hands tied behind their backs before being forced to walk the streets, according to reports.


In the video, the pair can be seen walking the streets completely naked and one of the men appears to have an injury to his thigh.

Local media report the men, who have not been named, refused help from other residents as they said they had been threatened not to accept help.

Some residents reported the case to the police who arrived but it is unclear if any arrests were made.


The thieves were not reported to the police and the authorities asked for citizens not to take justice into their own hands.

Local media reported that in 2019, 755,599 robberies were registered in Mexico, according to the Secretariat of the National System of Security, with 17,106 investigations opened into robberies in Michoacan.

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