Thieves Pose As Tourists To Rob Majorca Holidaymakers

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Video Credit: CEN

Cops have warned tourists in Majorca to watch out for highly-skilled con artists who dress and act exactly like tourist couples in a bid to rob holidaymakers as seen in this video.

Footage of a young couple following two elderly women through a park in the centre of Palma de Majorca before being detained has been shared online.

According to local media, the first two arrests took place when cops noticed a couple following tourists through the city centre.

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Pictures Credit: CEN

As the man tried to distract the tourists, his female accomplice tried to remove valuables from a woman’s handbag, according to reports.

Shortly afterwards, a female suspect was seen trying to distract a Bulgarian couple while two accomplices allegedly tried to steal the male tourist’s wallet.

Police detained the female suspect, but her two accomplices managed to flee the scene. However, reports said that the cops have since identified them.

Hours later, Spanish police saw another couple targeting tourists and caught them red-handed, according to reports.

The couple, who are both known to the police as they allegedly arrive in the city every summer to rob tourists, was spotted following two holidaymakers.

The suspects were reportedly observed trying to steal valuable items from a woman’s bag and the cops intervened and arrested the couple on the spot.

According to the police, pickpockets tend to operate in couples, usually male and female, and try to blend in with other tourists by wearing similar clothing and taking snaps with their phones.

However, sometimes they work in teams of three or four to move the stolen items from the scene quickly in case they are suddenly stopped by the police.

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