The Beast Serial Child Rapists Victim Wants To Meet Him

Story ByBiljana Bozhinovska, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCentral European News 

This victim who was attacked by a prolific child rapist and murderer known as ‘The Beast’ when he was just nine years old has now asked to meet his aggressor face-to-face 41 years on.

Serial child rapist and murderer Luis Alfredo Garavito was sentenced to nearly 2,000 years in prison but a change in laws means he could be out as soon as next year despite murdering over 100 kids.

Picture Credit: CEN/Los Informantes

Victim Wiliam Trujillo Mora was attacked by serial rapist Luis Alfredo Garavito, known as ‘The Beast’, in Caicedonia, a town and municipality located in the Department of Valle del Cauca in western Colombia, in 1979 when he was just nine years old.

He has now opened up on the events of that day when he became one of Garavito’s 138 confirmed victims. Wiliam says he was playing with other children sliding down a hillside on cardboard when his attacker grabbed him from behind around the neck.

He says the rapist then “showed me a big knife and told me, don’t make a noise, don’t scream, don’t do anything because I’ll kill you”.

Picture Credit: CEN/Los Informantes

According to his testimony of the events, Garavito took the boy’s pants off and asked him to take his shirt off.

He added: “Then he started kissing me all over my body. He would take my manhood and suck it, then he gave me a French kiss. He sucked my tongue so hard as if would tear it and told me to do the same to him.”

He was then raped by the attacker.

Wiliam says he was locked in a house with the rapist for 12 hours, adding “when he felt that someone was moving around the house he would hold me tight and told me to keep quiet. He hit me, touched me and sucked me very quietly, that was the most disturbing thing.”

Picture Credit: CEN/Los Informantes

After being subjected to this ordeal for hours, Garavito finally released him at about 5 am. The boy used his remaining strength to run until he found his mother and stepfather who had been searching for him for hours.

In 1999, Garavito admitted to raping and torturing children and teenagers and he was convicted of murdering 138 of them. He faced charges pertaining to 172 minors, but 32 of the cases are still under investigation.

Based on the maps of skeletons he has drawn during his prison time, the number of his victims could exceed 300, according to local media.

He was sentenced to a total of 1,853 years in prison, but his sentence was reduced to 22 years for collaboration and the prohibition of life imprisonment in Colombia. He was imprisoned in 1999 and is scheduled for release next year. He is now 62 years old.

After Garavito was arrested and convicted Wiliam sent many letters to the facility asking to meet with his attacker.

He says: “I want to see Garavito to show him that I was more intelligent, that I am a great person and despite being raped I didn’t become a rapist.”

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