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Teen Robber Arrested For Murder Of Beautiful Presidential Guard Cop

Story By: Pol F, Sub-Editor: Joe Golder, Agency: Newsflash

This pretty police officer who had just been appointed to the presidential guard in Argentina has been shot in the chest at point blank range and killed by a teenage robber who tried to steal her phone.

The Argentine Federal Police (PFA) said that earlier this week they arrested a 17 year old thief over the killing of police officer Ariana Micaela Romero, who was shot in the chest during the attack in the city of Quilmes, province of Buenos Aires, east Argentina. The arrest was made on Monday, 16th November.

Romero, 23, was the mother of a two year old daughter and was murdered after she had gone to a shop in civilian clothing and without her gun.


She was with a friend and was approached by six people travelling on motorbikes, who demanded that she hand over her phone. When the young woman refused, one of the men suddenly shouted that she was a police officer, and without any warning, she was shot in the chest.

After she was shot in the robbery three months ago, Romero was rushed to the nearest hospital by a group of neighbours where she finally died due to the severity of her injury.

According to Infobae, officers from the Homicide Investigation Division of the PFA carried out several searches in the southern area of the city of Quilmes immediately after the killing on 16th August.


After the searches, the officers arrested four individuals suspected of having participated in the attempted robbery and subsequent murder of Romero.

Now, PFA found out the minor who fired the fatal shot at Romero in Villa El Matadero.

The young man has been placed in the charge of the prosecutor Maria Julia Botasso, who will take a statement to confirm her arrest.


Ariana Micaela Romero had been in the Federal Police for a year.

She had recently been transferred to the Protection Division of the Presidential Residence of Olivos, the official residence of the President of Argentina.

Meanwhile, the search for the last member of the band continues.

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