Teen Riding Into Traffic Sent Flying 65ft By Cabbie

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This is the moment a teenager on a bike rides the wrong way into traffic and is launched 65 feet when a taxi slams right into him.

The dramatic accident knocked the 13-year-old, surnamed Chen, out cold and caused no serious injuries – but the cabbie now faces charges for being 3 mph over the speed limit.

Traffic cameras in the city of Liyang in China’s eastern Jiangsu Province show the boy speeding along a pavement when he suddenly cuts into the road to cross the street.

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But a second later he is struck head-on by the taxi driver, surnamed Yang, who sends him flying through the air, spinning, before landing some 20 metres (65 feet) away.

Yang Yang, a Liyang policeman who investigated the case, said: “The crash threw him more than 20 metres and knocked him unconscious.”

The teenager was taken to hospital and found not to have sustained any life-threatening injuries.

The authorities said the cabbie Yang was found to have been going 55 kph (34 mph) at the time of the crash, meaning he was speeding in a 50-kph (30 kph) zone.

However, the police said Chen was partially to blame for riding the wrong way into traffic, and for failing to check for cars when attempting to cross the road.

The pair will share liability for the crash together with a third motorist, surnamed Zhou, whose white car can be seen illegally parked by the roadside, facing the wrong way.

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