Teen Locked Up And Beaten For 4 Months By Monster BF

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This 38-year-old man has been charged with keeping his teenage girlfriend locked up in his house for four months whilst repeatedly beating her with pincers and stopping her from eating.

The victim, named in reports as Leyla, 18, was rescued after allegedly being kept locked up for four months in a house of the municipality of Quilmes, in the eastern Argentina province of Buenos Aires.

She was reportedly locked in the house she shared with her boyfriend Mauricio Gaston Romero, 38. She had reportedly decided to move in with her lover after having problems with her family.

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Reports state he quickly became violent with her and four months ago he forbade her from leaving the house, keeping her locked inside and only letting her leave if he was with her.

He allegedly tortured her with pincers and made her sleep on the floor during her ordeal. Reports state he is suspected of not letting her eat for long periods of time.

Her mother reportedly went to the house as she was concerned for her daughter and the teenager quietly told her “help me mum” as they were hugging so her alleged abuser would not hear her.

The mother then reported the case to the police and officers broke into the house and arrested the suspect. Reports state the victim told officers the suspect had repeatedly beaten her in the four months he had allegedly kept her locked up.

She told the officers: “Please, help me, do not leave, do not let me here, he is going to kill me. I beg you not to leave. He has me locked up, he does not let me go out.”

She reportedly showed clear signs of having been beaten and reports state she told officers she was forced to stay in the back of the house to let her wounds heal.

The suspect was charged with illegal detention, causing injuries and making aggravated threats related to gender violence. Reports state the girl had not called the police because of the alleged aggravated assaults the suspect had made.

According to the statistics of the Office of Domestic Violence of the Supreme Court, in 2018, 278 women were murdered in Argentina.

The case is ongoing.

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