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Teen Girl Stripped And Body Dumped At Mountain Of Seven Colours

Story By: Pol F, Sub-Editor: Joe Golder, Agency: Newsflash

Three suspects have been arrested for raping and killing a girl and then dumping her naked body at a stunning mountain landmark in the Peruvian Andes.

Two men and a woman were arrested for killing Yadira Angulo Taipe, 19, at the Mountain of Seven Colours in the Peruvian region of Cusco on 8th November.

Erwin Raul Montesinos Kana, 27, and Jose Luis Fernandez Berrio, 31, are being held in custody after evidence linking them to the teen’s death was found.


The third suspect, Darcy Ticona Flores, 27, is also under investigation, but it not being held in a preventative prison.

According to reports, Montesinos Kana and Fernandez Berrio wanted to make a YouTube video at the picturesque mountain and hired Ticona Flores to drive them.

The group reportedly encountered the victim on the main road to the mountain at around 2.30 am.


The two men claimed that Angulo Taipe told them she had stormed out of her boyfriend’s house after a row and decided to travel with them to the Mountain of Seven Colours.

They reportedly arrived at the mountain’s car park area at around 5.30 am.

Montesinos Kana, Fernandez Berrio, and Angulo Taipe set off to climb the mountain while Ticona Flores remained in her vehicle.


Montesinos Kana claimed that the young woman suddenly disappeared at around 9 am.

He said they searched for Angulo Taipe, but without any luck so they decided to report her disappearance at the local police station.

The police later found the 19-year-old’s lifeless body on Sunday afternoon. She had been stripped naked with signs of sexual abuse.


The two male hikers are accused of inflicting several blows to the back of the woman’s head before raping her and leaving her body behind.

It is claimed that Ticona Flores was aware of the incident.

The victim’s father Lucio Angulo Mendoza has demanded justice and wants to see life sentences for the two defendants.


The investigation is ongoing.

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