Teen Girl Jumps From Burning Flat As Neighbours Save Sis

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment a teenage girl jumps from her burning flat into her neighbours’ arms before residents smash down the door of the apartment to rescue her disabled sister.

The startling incident occurred in the Saricam district of Adana province in Turkey and was recorded by CCTV cameras.

Local media report Merve Aytekin, 19, and her disabled sister Emine Aytekin, 13, were in their flat when a fire suddenly started.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The two girls were home alone and reportedly began panicking, with Merve shouting for help from their first-floor balcony but Emine fainted from the smoke.

In the video, two neighbours can be seen standing at the bottom of the block of flats and Merve then jumps into their arms.

They manage to cushion her fall but she struggles to get to her feet so she is carried.

Merve is visibly upset as her sister is still in the flat and local media report she had a nervous breakdown.

She then runs towards the window with her head in hands before a heroic resident can be seen carrying her motionless sister from the building and laying her on the ground.

Local media report the residents had broken into the flat with an axe to rescue Emine before fighters came and put out the blaze.

Both sisters were taken to a local hospital where they were treated for light injuries.

One of the neighbors who helped the young girls said: “I heard the young girl screaming from the balcony for help, so I came down to check what was going on. She jumped off the balcony but told us her sister was in there, so we broke into the flat using an axe and saved the girl.” 

The cause of the fire remains unknown and photos taken from inside the flat show how it destroyed the home.

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