Teen Girl Faces Jail For Stabbing Rapist In Self-Defence

Story By: Roksana Panashchuk, Sub-Editor: Michael Leidig, Agency: Central European News

This teenage girl is under investigation for injuring a would-be rapist in self-defence.

Daria Ageniy, 19, stabbed the man after he tried to rape her in the town of Tuapse in Russia’s south-western Krasnodar Krai region.

According to Daria, she accompanied a group of children to a local summer camp in the city in summer 2017.

After she brought the children to the camp and handed them over to employees, her job was over and she decided to walk around the city.

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Picture Credits: CEN

She said: “When it got dark, I found myself in a deserted backstreet. I heard somebody approaching me from behind and I turned around. I saw a man and realised that it was not just a passerby but that he was following me.

“I was scared and quietly pulled out a little knife I use for sharpening pencils out of my handbag.

“The stranger caught up with me and started asking me questions before grabbing my clothes and pressing me against a fence.

“I started to scream while he was trying to tear my knickers off me. Then he used one hand to cover my mouth.

“When he pulled my underwear down, I started stabbing him with my knife. I meant to stab him in his leg. After that, he let go of me and fled the scene.”

The following morning, Daria went back home to the city of Khimki and tried to forget about the incident, but one and a half months later she was detained by the police and taken to Tuapse.

It turned out that Daria’s attacker Igor Storozhev, 38, sought medical help after being stabbed.

He was hospitalised with two knife wounds to his stomach and doctors reported him to the police.

While being quizzed by the cops, Storozhev, who is married with a child, said that he was attacked in the street by a young woman.

According to his version, he was drunk and on his way home after partying with his friends when Daria came up to him in the street and asked for a place to spend the night.

He offered to walk her to a hostel and she accepted. On the way he read poetry to her, Storozhev said.

He reportedly walked Daria to the hostel and when she was about to leave he asked her to stay a bit longer and took her hand.

According to Storozhev, she started screaming and he let go of her hand. After that, he went home and on his way realised that he was wounded in the stomach.

Daria was charged with intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm. She faces up to nine years in prison if found guilty.

According to Daria’s lawyer, she made a mistake when she did not report the rape attempt to the local police.

The investigation continues.

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