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Teen Boy Wears Skirt To School As Shorts Banned

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These images show a teenage boy as he shows up to school in a skirt because his teachers would not let him wear shorts.

The teen boy, who has not been named in reports, reportedly attends the Mariano Moreno school in the municipality of General Guemes in the northern Argentine province of Salta.

In the video, he can be seen in the school with a grey skirt and a female voice asks him: “Why are you coming here in a skirt?”

Picture Credit:CEN

And he responds: “Because we are not allowed to wear shorts so I am wearing a skirt.”

And when asked if the teachers say anything to him for wearing the skirt he says no “because it is school uniform.”

Local media report boys at the school are forbidden from wearing shorts but girls can wear grey skirts.

A female teacher said the rules were the same in all the schools in the province and added: “The teen was asking to come here with shorts because of the high temperatures. The solution I gave them is that if jeans are hot they could come here with fabric trousers which are better.

“I do not see it as a protest. It was a children’s game and it passed, nothing else happened. He did not go into class with the skirt, he did not generate problems and did not talk with the administrations. There were no protests, it was a game from a naughty boy.”

She added: “The uniform protects them. If they have an accident, everybody would know that they are from the school. It is a way of teaching them how they should dress in an institution. Institutions should be respected. And that is what education does.”

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