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Teach Fired Over Shocking Nazi Barbie Girl Music Video

Story By: Jonathan MaciasSub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News 

Video Credit:CEN

A high school teacher has been fired after their students were given good marks for this Nazi version of the hit song ‘Barbie Girl’ as a History project.

The video was made by a group of students from the Colegio Modelo de San Juan school in the city of San Juan in the province with the same name in north-western Argentina and shows students dressed as Nazis, sporting a Hitler moustache and with other students apparently dressed as concentration camp prisoners.

The video, made as part of a history project, sees a girl and boy dressed in leather with swastika armbands.

Picture Credit:CEN

One of the students, portraying Adolf Hitler, offers the girl a “ride”.

She then begins singing “I’m a Nazi girl in a Nazi world” while two students dressed in the striped outfits concentration camp victims were forced to wear dance in the back of the car.

The female ‘Nazi’ then says “you must behave or you’re going to die” whilst opening an oven.

Picture Credit:CEN

The student portraying Hitler then says “come on Jews let’s go camp”.

The bizarre portrayal continues with Nazi kicking disabled and homosexual people into a pool.

The students dressed as concentration camp victims then perform a Nazi salute and say ‘heil Hitler’ as the video continues.

They then sing “come on Joseph let’s make soap”.

The school reportedly condemned the video and have dismissed the History teacher who gave the project nine out of 10. The teacher has not been named in reports.

The school said in a public statement that its secretary Victor Kovalsky coordinated a meeting with the President of the Israelite Association of San Juan City Leonardo Siere and the representative of the National Institute Against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism (INADI) Silvia Martin.

Leonardo Siere told local media: “We know History and we believe students can learn it without parodies or mockery. We totally reject the video.”

The Israelite Association will reportedly meet with the students who made the video and their families to discuss respect and values for cultural diversity.

The school have also announced they will launch a programme of workshops for students and teachers to promote the values of respect in the school.

The original version of the Barbie Girl song came out in 1997 and was sung by Aqua.

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