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Heart Transplant Tot Dies After 10X Medicine Overdose

A nine-month-old baby who underwent a heart transplant has died in a Madrid hospital after allegedly being given 10 times the amount of medicine needed by mistake. The shocking incident occurred at the Gregorio Maranon Hospital in the Spanish capital Madrid and the tot’s parents have now filed a complaint…

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Pic shows: Alternative cancer healer Klaus Ross. As many as 70 people may have been poisoned to death by a treatment centre offering alternative therapy to cancer patients. The clinic of the German natural healer Klaus Ross in the western German town of Brueggen has been temporarily closed pending investigation. According to German reports, prosecutors are now investigating 70 suspicious cases of deceased patients who were treated with Bromopyruvic acid, a substance said to kill cancer cells but also described by some doctors as "potentially highly poisonous" and "not yet fully researched." The legal team are trying to find out if the deaths were caused by cancer or by the administering of the substance. Three patients at the clinic died between 25 and 27 July, with two others needing emergency treatment in a hospital. They were all given Bromopyruvic acid, which sparked the inquest. Reports suggested some of the 70 bodies would most likely need to be taken out of their graves in order to find out the real cause of death. The clinic which is located close to the border of Belgium and the Netherlands, was popular with patients in both Germany and across the border who had been told normal medical treatment would not be able to heal their cancer. Klaus Ross, a technician who sold medical appliances, was schooled as an alternative biological doctor, according to a report in Dutch media. He had a licence to administer injections and intravenous therapy. The treatments of the centre included cancer therapy, pain-reducing therapy and drug addiction treatment. A ten-week course of treatment for cancer patients costs almost 10,000 EUR (8,630 GBP). (ends)

Cancer Quack Gave Chemo Fear Woman Toxic Acid Overdose

Story By: Koen Berghuis, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: CEN A cancer patient who feared chemotherapy would poison her died after an 'alternative practitioner allegedly gave her a mega dose of toxic acid - and the tragic woman's husband does not blame him. The 43-year-old Dutch woman, identified by her first name Joke, was reportedly one of three…

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Pic shows: Niels Hoegel. The male nurse convicted of murdering two patients in a clinic and who is suspected by investigators of having killed 84 more is said to be a hero in prison as he boasts about his accomplishments. German nurse Niels Hoegel, 40, was sentenced to life imprisonment for two murders, two counts of attempted murder and one count of serious bodily harm two years ago at the Oldenburg Regional Court in Germany’s north-western state of Lower Saxony. Last week, German police investigators concluded their subsequent investigation after checking more than 200 deaths at the clinics where Hoegel worked, saying they can prove 84 were in fact murdered by Hoegel. Now a former inmate who spent time in prison with Hoegel has shared the sickening tale of how the German death nurse talks openly about his crimes and how other prisoners view him as a hero. Thorsten K., a 43-year-old nurse who served time in jail after being convicted of fraud, said that Hoegel spoke many times about killing patients in the clinic. Thorsten K. said: "He wanted to boast about his deeds. It was a need for recognition that satisfied him when he succeeded in a resuscitation." It was Hoegel's practice to deliberately overdose patients with heart medication called Gilurytmal, just so he could enjoy the feeling of resuscitating them, according to reports. Yet Thorsten K. thinks that Hoegel does feel remorse as he thinks that the German angel of death knows "that he can never make up for it, above all not towards the relatives." According to Thorsten K., Hoegel told him that he could not remember each of his crimes as he lost "the overview" due to a dependency on alcohol and medication. Hoegel, who could very well be one of Germany's most prolific murderers ever, does not have any problems with other inmates, according to Thorsten K. Thorsten K. said: "Niels is big, strong, and judging from his appearance a self-assured and confident man, who can also carry himself quite well i

Shameless 100-Death Nurse Killed Patients For Kicks

Story By: Koen Berghuis, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News A male nurse on trial for murdering 100 patients by giving them an overdose so that he could enjoy resuscitating them lacks any “empathy” or “shame” for his alleged crimes, it has been claimed. Picture Credits: CEN Former…

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Read more about the article Porsche-Driving Nurse Kills Hubby With Syringe Overdose
Pic Shows: The fur coat lady who was only identified as Ekatarina S.-R.; GERMANY: A Porsche-driving nurse known as "the fur coat lady" has been arrested for murdering her husband with a painkiller overdoes administered with a syringe.

Porsche-Driving Nurse Kills Hubby With Syringe Overdose

Story By: Koen Berghuis, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: CEN A Porsche-driving Bulgarian nurse with a love for luxury clothing has been arrested on suspicion of murdering her rich German doctor husband with a painkiller overdose using a syringe. The nurse, who has been identified as 47-year-old Bulgarian Ekatarina S.R., has been arrested with regards to the death of…

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