SWAT Team Arrest Armed Suspect After Long Standoff At His Home Before It Caught Fire

This is the moment police officers arrest an armed suspect after a night-long standoff at his home where he had barricaded himself for hours until his house caught fire.

Newsflash obtained the footage from the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, along with a statement according to which the incident took place in the city of Nashville, in the US state of Tennessee.

The suspect, later identified as Zachary Michael Johnson, 40, was wanted by police for stalking and harassing a District Attorney who had represented him in the past.

Investigators arrived at his home to serve him with a warrant but were forced to call in police officers as he refused to come out.

Officers who came to the scene were met by an armed Johnson who went into hiding.

The SWAT team got involved in the incident and tear-gassed Johnson’s home to force him to come out, but instead of surrendering, he began firing at them.

This quickly resulted in a night-long standoff where police and the suspect shot at each other whilst negotiating.

Police officers arrests an armed suspect after a night-long standoff at his home in Nashville, Tennessee, USA in undated video. (Metropolitan Nashville Police Department/Newsflash)

All of a sudden, fire broke out in Johnson’s home and the officers went in with special police dogs in order to finally arrest him as firefighters worked to contain the flames.

Body-worn footage shows Johnson being taken away in handcuffs by the SWAT team after a long night of back-and-forth shootouts.

No one was injured during the fire exchange, the Nashville police said.

Johnson remains in custody with a set bail of USD 120,000 (GBP 105,900).

The cause of the fire is currently under investigation.