Moment Flood Of Biblical Proportions Flows Down Turkish City Streets

This is the shocking moment when a huge flood engulfs a city in the Black Sea region of Turkey with devastating results.

The flood followed heavy rains that affected the Western Black Sea Region starting on 11th August.

One of the areas most affected by the flood was the district of Bozkurt in the Turkish province of Kastamonu that can be seen here in several videos as the floodwaters pour in down narrow streets from the rain-swollen river.

As the water flooded into the city from rivers that quickly became swollen and flooded their banks, many lives were lost, and there was extensive damage to property.

Sumeyra Ergin Felek, a female resident who lives in Bozkurt, whose age was not disclosed, recorded with her mobile phone how the flood, which took the lives of dozens of people, engulfed the city within minutes, terrified of what would happen to the building she was in while trying to capture the heavy rain on camera.

The video shows that the houses built on the creek bed are caught in the floodwaters within seconds, and a person trying to protect his car from the floodwaters disappears into the water among the screams of the woman who filmed the video.

In the statement made by the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD), today (16th August), it was stated that 60 people lost their lives in the province of Kastamonu, nine in the province of Sinop and one in the province of Bartin due to floods.

Thus, the number of people who lost their lives due to floods rose to 70. The treatment of eight citizens continues in hospitals. The search for 77 missing persons is still ongoing.

Massive flood swallows the city in Bozkurt, Turkey , on August 2021. (@sumeyraerginfelek/Newsflash)

Personnel and vehicles of AFAD, General Staff, General Directorate of Security, Coast Guard Command, Gendarmerie, Emergency Medical Services, General Directorate of Highways, State Hydraulic Works, Municipalities, Special Provincial Administration, non-governmental organizations and AFAD Volunteers were all currently working together in the flood-affected area to tackle the disaster.

In Kastamonu, the province most affected by the flood, 4,365 personnel, 540 vehicles, 32 ambulances, 1 helicopter, 1 drone, 1 UAV and other equipment have been drafted in for use in coping with the consequences of the flooding.

In the past days, it was claimed on social media that the number of people who lost their lives due to flooding in Kastamonu alone reached 300 and the identities of the bodies found could not be determined.

But the Kastamonu Governorship made a statement on its Twitter account and declared that these allegations did not reflect the truth and that they condemned the widely shared statement saying it was denigrating the hard work of those trying to alleviate the impact of the flood.

Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu said: “The flood is one of the biggest disasters I have ever seen. Thus, we will carry out a long and feverish work here. We are trying to keep the morale of our citizens high. This trauma is not an easy one.”

Minister Soylu stated that the amount of aid sent to AFAD by the citizens is TRY 47.600.000 (GBP 4,045,000) and said: “We will do everything we can to relieve the suffering of our citizens.”

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