SUV Knocks Down Woman, Reverses Before Running Her Over

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This footage with over 10 million views shows an SUV hitting a mother-of-one near a zebra crossing before the driver reverses and then drives forward over her.

The female pedestrian Cui, who was identified by her surname, has survived the horrific ordeal with multiple fractures.

A traffic camera in the town of Dongxi, which is in Cangxi County in south-western China’s Sichuan Province, captured the moment the suspected motorist Li Fucai, 54, hits Cui, 51, while she is crossing the road in front of him.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

Cui is knocked to the ground, and the driver’s wife, Deng, opens the front passenger door in an apparent attempt to check on her injuries following the accident on 5th May.

However, Li suddenly reverses the white SUV and drives forwards, running over the victim and dragging her along the road for roughly 30 feet before her limp body is seen rolling on the asphalt as the suspect flees with the passenger-side door still ajar.

In the distressing clip, a second pedestrian who attempted to help the victim narrowly avoids being mown down too.

According to statements put out by local authorities and these images, Li’s vehicle then crashed into a bus.

None of the passengers inside the bus was harmed, but the suspect’s wife sustained injuries during the collision.

Li was arrested on charges of endangering public safety and was not found to be drink-driving or under the influence of narcotics.

The victim Cui remains in intensive care at Sichuan Wangcang People’s Hospital in the Sichuan provincial city of Guangyuan.

Reports said the mum-of-one had just stepped out of a pharmacy when the accident happened.

Her family members, including her husband who is a migrant worker in Beijing, are currently travelling back to Sichuan.

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