SUV Bounces Across Lanes On Two Wheels After Being Rammed On Motorway

This is the moment a driver suddenly pulls out in front of a white SUV and rams it, sending the vehicle bouncing across the lanes on two wheels.

The incident took place on a motorway in the Chinese city of Shanghai at around 5pm on 30th November, and the footage was shared on social media by the driver of the car behind the white SUV.

The female motorist, name not reported, accompanied the dash-cam video with the message: “I almost got into a car accident after work. I was so frightened I almost had a heart attack!”

Car hit by another vehicle changing lanes in Shanghai, China. (200097656/AsiaWire)

In the footage, the white SUV is seen driving on the outside lane as two busy lanes of traffic occupy the slip road to the driver’s right-hand side.

A silver car suddenly pulls out of the busy slip road to rejoin the motorway, but rams the SUV.

The white SUV bounces across the lanes on two wheels before righting itself. The driver then manages to regain control before slamming into the central reservation barrier.

Car bounces when hit by another vehicle changing lanes in Shanghai, China. (200097656/AsiaWire)

The SUV driver comes to a stop in the motorway as the filming motorist passes in her vehicle and the footage ends.

The police investigation into the incident is ongoing.