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Stunning Russian Reality Star With Rotting Nose Now Going Bald

Story By: Lee BullenSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska,  Agency: Newsflash

Stunning reality star Anastasia Balinskaya has said that she is now going bald just weeks after revealing her nose is rotting due to a botched operation.

In March, the gorgeous 29-year-old reality star and influencer shared graphic images of her decaying nose on Instagram for her 164,000 followers.

At the time, she begged fans to try and help her fund an operation to save her nose before it is too late.


However, she has now said she is losing her hair and shared a video of her apparent bald patches on Instagram Stories.

She added that she is considering flying to Minsk or even the US to receive hair treatment, but did not mention what she thinks may be causing the condition.

Last month, the former star of Russian reality show ‘House-2’ said that her nose swelled to a huge size before rotting away from the inside after the cosmetic op.


According to Balinskaya, an implant caused the reaction and she said that it was just the latest drama in a series of botched operations on her nose that left it decaying from the inside out.

She wrote on Instagram: “Victim of plastic surgery? Yes! I curse the day I went under the surgeon’s knife for the first time! If you are a girl and are reading this post, I beg you to understand what I did.

“You can’t use plastic surgery to boost your self-esteem. You will never achieve the desired result!”


She said she suffered for “five years” and added “I have already had three operations on my nose and with each op it is getting worse and worse. I’m not chasing beauty right now, I just want a breathable, flat nose.

“After the last operation, my bone split and the bridge of my nose looked like I had been beaten in the ring.

“Yesterday I went to the doctor and found out that the artificial implant that was inserted into the tip of my nose did not take root, my body rejected it, the cartilage has come out of one nostril, there is inflammation, and my nose is rotting.


“I need an operation urgently, I have a maximum of 1 to 2 months.

“I cannot afford it, if you want to help me, I will leave my bank number in this post. Even if everyone translates 5p, you can help me save my nose.

“I have never asked or accepted help from anyone, but now I simply don’t have anyone to turn to for help.”


After she made the appeal, fans reportedly made some donations that allowed a partial operation to remove the implant and she shared an image of the object.

However, she complained that the tip of her nose then turned bright red despite its removal, adding that she still has a long ordeal ahead of her to save it.