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Stunning News Anchor Fancies Brainy Men

Story By: Anastasia Smirnova, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: CEN

A stunning news anchor has been ridiculed after saying money was not important while at the same time saying potential boyfriends should be earning more than she does.

Curvy TV star Yana Koshkina, 28, a news anchor on Russia’s Channel One, recently revealed her preferences on Instagram where she commands an army of 390,000 followers.

She said: “The stereotype that women only want a man’s money is not true for me.”

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Pictures Credit: CEN/@yana_koshkina_official & CEN

The sexy presenter added: “Above all else, my heart can only be won over by a smart man.”

She added that she would never date a man for his money, but confessed that they would still need to earn more than she does.

Koshkina said: “I have a certain standard of living that I am used to and it could be problematic if I had to change it completely.”

Last year, the ridiculously hot presenter shared news that she broke up with her boyfriend because he was too controlling.

Koshkina, who hails from Vladimir Putin’s home city of St Petersburg in north-western Russia, is often mobbed by male admirers.

Most fans simply ogle her from a distance while others are brave enough to approach her to reveal their admiration.

Her army of online admirers includes American actor Mickey Rourke, who invited the stunning beauty out for coffee after following her on social media.

According to local media, Koshkina’s mystery boyfriend grew tired of all the testosterone-driven attention she receives.

Reports said they often quarrelled about it and that ultimately Koshkina did not want him keeping track of her every movement.

Netizen ‘kaledonia’ was one of those that criticised her money doesn’t matter claims, saying: “You are so primitive in your thoughts, you sound like a 15 year old teen.”

Another guest user added: “Yeah, like we believe you that money is not important.”

Anastasia Smirnova

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