Stunning Model Reveals Pain After Undergoing Boob Job

Story By: Roksana Panashchuk, Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/@triandafilidi_liza

This stunning model and reality star has shared this footage in which she “cannot breathe from the pain” after having had a boob job.

Liza Triandafilidi became famous after appearing on ‘Dom-2’ (‘House 2’), a popular Russian reality show where couples have to find love and build their own home.

The blonde stunner shared footage of her suffering in pain after surgery with her 500,000 online followers.

In the video clip, the 29-year-old is seen lying in bed at the Mont Blanc clinic in the western Russian capital city Moscow.

She says to her husband: “I love you so much. Wait, I will start crying. It hurts me so much. I cannot breathe from the pain.”

Reports said that Triandafilidi’s breasts were a size D but shrank to different sizes following a period of drastic weight loss.

She confessed: “I am a bulimia sufferer. I lost five kilogrammes (11 lbs) in one week. After that my left breast decreased to a B cup and my right breast to a size C.”

Doctors inserted an implant in her left boob and she also underwent a breast lift and spent five hours under the knife in total, according to the Russian star.

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Picture Credits: CEN/@triandafilidi_liza

Triandafilidi is married to male model Aleksey Chaichits, 26, who is her second husband.

Social media user ‘Pirogokiss’ said: “I know how much it hurts. It is extraordinary pain and I will never go through it again in my life!”

‘MarishaToQueen’ commented: “The pain will go away soon and you will only be left with gorgeous boobs! Get well soon.”

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