STROPS AND ROBBERS: Crook Demands Supervisor As He’s Caught Breaking Into Home

This is the moment a suspected robber caught red-handed breaking into a home tries to bluff it out by ordering police to get him their supervisor.

The shameless crook had been arrested carrying burglary tools at the home in the city of Atlanta, in the US state of Georgia, on October 12, after the terrified owner called police.

But instead of trying to flee or confessing, the stroppy suspect – identified as Jourdain Crawford, 24 – pretended the scene was just a simple mistake.

As he is led away in handcuffs, police bodycam footage shows Jourdain demanding to be put in touch with the officers’ boss so he can sort it out.

And at one point he can be heard telling them: “I want to speak to your supervisor right here, right now.”

In the images from the Atlanta Police Department (APD) obtained by Newsflash, another part shows the officers coming across a forcibly opened door and bumping into Crawford as soon as they walk into the hallway.

Officers arrest a burglary suspect while he is still inside a residence in Atlanta, Georgia, USA on Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2022. (Atlanta Police Department/Newsflash)

He was later transported to the Fulton County Jail on multiple criminal charges, the APD said.