Strays Dig Up Dead Baby And Leave Corpse By McDonalds

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Cops are quizzing three people after stray dogs dug up the body of baby and were filmed throwing it through the air and biting it on the street outside a McDonald’s restaurant.

A shocked cleaner found the body outside the fast food store at the shopping centre in the town of Soke in western Turkey’s Aydin Province, according to local media.

Police checked CCTV footage and saw a stray dog carry the body across a road and to the shopping centre. 

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

They worked out where the dog had come from and later found the site where the baby had been buried under an olive tree.

Cops say they have now identified the mother, named only as D.D., after DNA analysis of the baby which is believed to have been prematurely born or miscarried at 22 to 26 weeks.

D.D.’s boyfriend, who police believe buried the body under the olive tree, was already in custody in connection with an unrelated crime details of which were not made public.

Police have now also arrested D.D. and her boyfriend’s father. All three are being questioned but it is not yet clear what charges they face.

The body of the baby was discovered early one morning last October by cleaners who were working in the cafe in preparation for it opening for the day.

The cleaners called the police who quickly worked out what had happened after analysing footage from CCTV security cameras.

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