Stray Dog Loses Eye After Thinking Firework Was Food

Story ByAnna Guran, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCentral European News 

Video Credit: CEN/@asociatia.freelifesm

This video shows the horrific injuries including a lost eye caused by a firework which exploded in the face of a dog.

It is believed the dog may have thought the firework that had probably been thrown by children might have been something to eat and had rushed over just as it exploded.

The blast destroyed the animal’s eye and left it with severe facial burns and in a critical condition where it was found by animal rescuers in Satu Mara in Romania.

Pic Shows: This picture shows the dog injured after apparently running up to a firework thrown by children. Animal activists believe it was deliberate, but police suspect the dog may have just been chasing what he thought was a tasty snack; This is the shocking video that shows the horrific injuries including a lost eye caused by a firework which exploded in the face of a dog.

Initial reports had alleged that the injuries were caused by a group of men that put the firecracker in the animal’s mouth but police now say it was the work of children and was probably not intentional.

A police spokesman confirmed they had had several complaints, and added: “Following checks that have been made on the dog that was initially reported injured on December 29, the injuries were not caused by a firecracker placed in the dog’s mouth, but which had exploded nearby.”

They added that it was not clear that the suspects believed to be youngsters had deliberately wanted to hurt the dog, and it may have run over when they threw the explosive device thinking it was something to eat, saying: “We tried to confirm whether it was intentional or simply an unfortunate accident”.

They said they had ascertained that the dog was a stray, and was used to being given scraps by locals in the Romanian town where it lived.

It is believed that the street dog is around 7 to 8 years old and will need to find a good home now the only has one eye.

A reward has been posted by animal rights activists from the FreeLife Association NGO to catch those responsible, and they’re hoping to find somebody to give the injured hound a home when the wounds have healed.

They believe it was deliberate, and say that it was incredible that despite the fact it happened in a busy part of town, nobody saw or heard anything.

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