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Strange Noise In Dead Womans Room Was 3 Trapped Kittens

Story ByMichael Leidig,Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyAsia Wire Report

Video Credit: AsiaWire/@handai05_nkym

A Japanese family who were terrified that a porcelain doll might have been coming to life after hearing strange noises coming from their dead grandmother’s bedroom have discovered kittens trapped in the wall.

The story of the kitten ghosts was posted online by a Twitter user who said that it happened in the house that belonged to her grandmother who died some years ago, and which was now lived in by her parents.

Pictures Credit: AsiaWire/@handai05_nkym

But she said they contacted her worried after hearing strange noises coming from the now empty bedroom. Although initially sceptical, the frequency of the strange noises in the night prompted the Twitter user to investigate.

They discovered that there was a strange porcelain doll and briefly considered the possibility that spirits known locally as a zashiki warashi and known for their mischievous nature might have moved into the building.

The Twitter user decided to investigate, in part because the zashiki warashi are not usually malevolent and indeed can bring great fame and fortune to people whose houses they inhabit, and after spending time in the room she determined that the noises were coming from behind a wall. Convinced that it was certainly more earthly than spiritual, as the doll had not moved, she then made a hole in the wall and discovered kittens stuck there.

It is unclear how the three baby kittens got trapped into the narrow space, or how long they had been there.

The baby cats however once freed made their way into the room and the Twitter users kindhearted parents have reportedly been looking after the babies and will be making sure they get a good home.

it was not revealed where in Japan the incident took place.

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