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Strange Creature From Depths Washes Up On Mexican Coast

Story ByMaja Mishevksa, Sub EditorMarija StojkoskaAgencyNewsflash

This bizarre creature has reportedly been washed up on a Mexican beach.


The discovery took place on the beach at Destiladeras, in Punta Mita, located around 16 km from the municipality of Puerto Vallarta, in the western Mexican state of Jalisco which is on the Pacific coast.

With its dolphin -like head and sharp teeth, but lacking any flippers and having a long snakelike tail, it has shocked many people with nobody able to fairly identify it.

It is also reported that the animal does not have eyes, prompting locals to predict that it may well have come from deep in the Pacific Ocean when no light penetrates and eyes are not necessary.

If that is the case however, they had no idea how it would washed up on the beach from the depths.

According to local media, the animal was photographed after it had already been found by other people walking on the beach, who initially thought it was a dead dolphin until they got closer, and realised it was something entirely different.

None of the local fishermen interviewed by local media could recognise having ever seen anything similar, but they mentioned that in Puerto Vallarta there is a marine area with more than thousand meters deep, next to the area known as Mismaloya, and it is believed it is the home of the strange creature.


‘Mony Ramirez’ commented: “Looks like a dolphin and seems as if it was not already its time and something happened to the mum which threw it before its time”.

And ‘silenus’ joked: “this is how the survivors of the coronavirus are left”.

While ‘adebariano’ said: “it is known that the bodies in decomposition process swell, it is possible it is a swell European eel”.

Local media confirmed that nobody had been able to identify the strange animal, but there were also no reports in the media suggesting that it was a fake.

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