Store Curses Toilet Paper To Protect It From Thieves

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These loo roles in a toilet in a Japanese shop have been cursed to stop people stealing them as panic buying empties stores of supplies.

The shop which is reportedly in the Niigata Prefecture on Honshu Island took matters into its own hands after it was constantly having to replace the loo roles in the facility because they were being pinched.

The store said it was particularly annoying because they had actually had stocks available uninterrupted, and as a result had decided to opt for supernatural help to stop the thievery.


The amateur artist Minku who works for the firm and designed and put up the signs posted these images on their Twitter account @moemoekohu which included the Japanese kanji characters for “hunger” and “evil” along with three all seeing eyes.

The employee behind the idea then put a message on Twitter saying: “Fed up with toilet paper in the customer restroom disappearing quickly, I handmade a few designs to create a little mood altering interior design and suddenl the paper stopped vanishing.”


Interviewed by local media about the successful stopping of the theft, they said the stunt was based on the fact that “humans naturally fear the unknown” and admitted making use of this to stop the vanishing toilet paper.

The move was widely praised with comments like: ““Brilliant. Who wants to risk a curse over a roll of toilet paper” and “That’s amazingly effective and looks cool too.”

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